Ultra-deepwater semi-submersible oil drilling rig 2009 F&G ExD Millenium

Ultra-deepwater semi-submersible oil drilling rig 2009 F&G ExD Millenium

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6th generation ultra-deepwater semi-submersible drilling rig


Built: 2009 Jurong Shipyard Singapore

Design: F&G ExD Millenium

Flag/Class/Notations: Panama / ABS / CDS,DP52

Dimensions:115.8m long / 90.5m Wide

Draft: 17-20m drilling/ 8.4 m transit

Displacement: 43,200-46,500 mt drilling 33,000 mt transit

Variable load: 8000 mt drillind/ 5,700 mt transit

Accommodations: 180 Persons

Helideck: Sikorsky S92,EH101

Max.Water Depth: 3,280m designed/ 2,583 m outfitted

max. Drilling depth: 11,278 m


Dynamic positioning: Kongsberg K-Pos 32+12 Class 2

Thrusters: 8x Rolls Royce 3,300KW Azimuthing

Transit Speed: Up to 6 knot

Mooring lines: Harbor mooring only

Mooring Winches: Harbor mooring only


Fuel: 2,828 m3

Drill Water: 2,453 m3

Potable Water: 697 m3

Active Liquid Mud: 1,152 m3

Reserve Liquid Mud: 1,968 m3

Bulk Bentonite/Barite: 337 m3

Bulk Cement: 486 m3

Sack storage: 6,200 sacks


Derrick: Maritime Hydraulic 64 m tall with 14m x 16m base 907 mt dynamic

Top Drive: MH DD M 1000 rated for 908mt hoisting

Drawworks: with GH 4500 w/ 2" drill line

Rotary Table: Wirth RTSS 60 1/2 "

Compensator: MH crown mounted rated for 454mt compensated,907 mt static

Tubular Handler: MH Hi-pro automated racking system

Offline Capability: Offline stand building arm / HRN

Mud Pumps: 4x Wirth TPK 1,640 kW

HP Mud system: Rated for 517 bar

Shale Shakers: 8x Derrick DP 626


BOP: 1xCameron 47.635 cm 6 ram 1,034

Annular: 2x Cameron DL 47.625 cm 689 bar

Diverter: Vetco KFDS CSO 60 1/2"

Riser: Cameron LK 75 ft Length 21" OD,4 ID boost line

Tensioners: 6x MH DATs max.total tension applied at ring 1,633 mt, 15,24 m stroke

Wellhead connector: Cameron EVO CON Wellhead Connector Assembly 47.625 cm 1,034 bar WP


Pedestal cranes: 2xSeatrax rated for 100 mt at 25m radius

pipe Handing Crane: 1xHyramarine rated for 15mt at 12-25m radius

X-Mas Tree crane: 2x75 mt,150 mt total.


Main Engines: 8x CatC280 4,800 kW Diesel

Main Generators: 8xABB 4,800 kW

Emergency power: 1xCaterpillar 3512 B Diesel Engine

1xLeroy Somer 1,300kW genrator


Tripsaver: AKMH Tripsaver.Temporarily store BOP on tenrioner in moonpool while the top hole is drilled


ManufacturerF&G ExD Millenium
ModelUltra-deepwater semi-submersible