Gardner denver 3000 hp rig

Gardner denver 3000 hp rig

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Gardner Denver 3000E HP

Gardner-Denver 3000E Drawworks with an input rating of 3000 hp driven by 3 GE 752 1000 HP electric motors. The drum is lebus grooved for a 1-5/8 inch drilling line.  s/n # 21

From Alaska with 4 gen 3512b and refurbished 650 top drive with Gardner Denver draw works and shunt 5 bay SCR

3 p 12 mud pumps and pyramid mast and sub 

The mast is a Pyramid 152 ft. cantilever, 152 ft. clear height x 30ft. base at the floor. API static hook load of 1,600,000 lbs. w/14 lines strung.

The substructure is a Pyramid box on the box, with a 30 ft. floor height and 24 ft. clear height under the rotary beams. The substructure is designed for a 1,600,000 lb. casing load simultaneous with a setback load of 800,000 lbs.

The Auxiliary Braking system is a Baylor 7838 Elmagco brake.

(3) Tuggers IR Force 5 Manrider model FA2A-GMR-MMK1 2500#

                    IR Force 5 Manrider model FA2-5A-LXK1 5000#

                    IR Force 5 air winch model FA5AMR-LMK1G 6250#

(3) National 12-P-160 chain-driven triplex main mud pumps rated at 1600 horsepower, each driven by (2) GE 752 1000HP motors.

Shunt 5 Bay SCR System.

No  BOPs or pipe.

(4) Cat 3512 Generators

Traveling Block/Hook National 650 Ton hook/block combination.

NATIONAL P-650 tons swivel

Gardner Denver 37 ½ inch Rotary Table driven independently by 2-speed transmission and GE 752 1000 HP DC Motor.

Accumulator Scaffer, 230 gallons seven-station, with an electric-powered triplex pump, two air-operated pumps, regulating valves and seven remote control.


Desilter 12-4 inch cone, 800 gpm capacity desilter

Desander/Mud cleaner 2-12 inch cone, 1000 GPM capacity desander

(4) 7.5 HP mud agitators

Mud pits (3) 1635 barrel system with a 65 barrel slugging compartment in the suction tank. The mud system is equipped with clean-out gates.

Water storage 527 barrels and 16,000 gal fuel tank.

(2) Air compressor Quincy model # QSI235, 150# WP

Air Dryer Sullair SAR-630

(3) Shale Shakers Model 48 Derrick flow line cleaners linear motion shale shakers.

Mix Pump 5” x 6” Centrifugal is driven by one 60-horsepower motor.


ManufacturerGardner denver
Model3000 hp rig