Siemens SST-40 Steam Turbine 30 MW generator.

Siemens SST-40 Steam Turbine 30 MW generator.

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1. SteamTurbine

Brand: Siemens

Model number: SST-40

Power: 30MW

Steam pressure: 12.8MPa

Steam temperature: 535℃

Steam intake capacity: 31.98kg/s

Feed water temperature: 237.2℃

2. Generator

Brand: Siemens

Model: Sgen5-100A-4P

Working principle and application: It is used in biomass power plant, and the generator-supporting steam turbine is usually composed of the stator, rotor, end cover and bearing, and other components. It is a cylindrical rotor synchronous motor running as a generator driven by a steam turbine.

a) Rated 1500 RPM (frequency 50 Hz)

b) Rated voltage range: 10500V (±5%)

c) Rated current: 2089A

d) Incentive type: Automatic

e) Cooling type: air cooling, cooling temperature: 38℃

f) Rated power: 32.30MW


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