EMD KATO Generator sets.


EMD KATO Generator sets.



ELECTRO MOTIVE (EMD) is a US company originally owned by GM of the United States. It was acquired by Caterpillar Inc. in 2010. It is a company specializing in the manufacture of locomotives. Its diesel engines are also mainly used as train power. There are also some equipment used in offshore engineering projects.

Quantity: 6 sets

Power: 5000 BHP horsepower

Speed: 900 rpm

Model No. KATO EMD L20-710G73

Serial No. 08-L1-1039

Production date: 2008.11

b. Generator brand KATO engineering

KATO Generator belongs to EMERSON Emerson Company of the United States. It is a world-famous power energy supplier for military defense and oil and gas platforms.

Quantity: 6 sets

Power: 3730kw

Electric system: 3-phase 6-wire

Frequency: 60HZ

Voltage: 6600V (medium voltage)

Current: 494A

Temperature rise: 80 ° C

Ambient temperature: 50 ° C

Insulation class: F

Protection level: IP44

Serial No.: 21009-02

Code: 8912-4000

Mode No.: AA27921002

Production date: 2008.11

c. Description:

1. The diesel engine is a 20-cylinder, V-type, two-stroke medium-speed diesel engine with a cylinder diameter of about 230 mm. At full load, the fuel consumption is 5 US gallons per minute, about 1.135 m3/h, and the oil consumption is 0.45 US gallons per hour. , about 1.7L / h.

2. The whole unit is imported from the original United States. The weight of the whole unit is about 100 tons and the length is about 15 meters. The spare parts and tools of the equipment are stacked next to the machine. There is no unpacking. The whole generator is well protected and the appearance is new.

3. Auxiliary equipment such as plate cooler, fuel filter, oil filter and pump are installed on the common base of the unit. The storage is intact and no relevant power distribution and control equipment are found on site.

4. Since the IMO Tier II NOx emission standard came into effect in 2011.1.1, the production date of these 6 units (2008.11) is earlier than the effective date, and the EIAPP certificate may be Tier I. These 6 generators should not meet the new specifications. If required, it is necessary to apply for the classification society exemption. If the original unit is Tier II, the latest standard Tier III will also take effect on 2016.1.11. If sailing in the NOx emission control area, SCR is required.

5. It is not possible to determine if the classification society certificate for the unit is in the spare parts box.


ManufacturerEMD KATO
Stock NumberG004
Power3730 KW
Voltage6600V (medium voltage)