Dreco 4000 E Land drilling rig

Dreco 4000 E Land drilling rig

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DRECO single drum draw works with (2) GE 2000 hp DC electric motors

and (2) DRETECH 8072 electric brakes

NOV brake heat exchanger

DRECO slingshot Derrick 156’ x 40’ ,, 2,500,000 lb SHL

DRECO self-elevating sling shot substructure 2,500,000 lb SHL with

1,250,000 lb setback 40’ floor

DRECO 1250 ton 8 sheave block with BJ 5750 duplex 750-ton hook

DRECO 1250 ton casing bicket

ROSS HILL 4 x 4 SCR house

(3) CONTINENTAL EMSCO FC 2200 triplex mud pumps ea with traction

motors, pulsation dampeners, and mud valves (7500 psi)

PRAGMA T-120 Iron ruff neck

PRAGMA PM 4000 hydraulic catwalk

NATIONAL 49 1/2” with transmission and GE 752 traction motor (with


(4) 500 bbl mud tanks with centrifugal pumps and fluid stirrers

DERRICK triple shaker

Mud mixing house

(2) de silter

de gasser

(3) 500 bbl water tanks

500 bbl fuel tank

Top dog house

ODS dog house

Personnel Elevator

Air compressor house with air volume tank with gear

Change house/tool room

KOOMEY 480 gal accumulator house

Tool House

2” drilling line with spooler

Located in The USA.

Very competitive price


Stock NumberOR001
Rig or vessel nameDreco 4000 E
Capacity4000 HP