Rolls Royce Azimuth Thruster Retractable System


Rolls Royce Azimuth Thruster Retractable System


– VIGO TT tunnels x 1 unit – ULS TT2800 Thruster Unit and Hydraulic unit x 1 unit – Azimuth Thruster Retractable System Bow x 2 units These are brand new and stored in Perfect condition.

Rolls-Royce Retractable Azimuth Thruster ULE 255 FP x 2 units: Each unit (1 unit with its own ABB motor)

Classification: DnV, NO ICE

With ABB motor (AMI 560L6L VAF TMH, Year:2015)

Input power: 2200kW

Input speed: 0-750RPM

Max. torque on the vertical input shaft:28kNm

Propeller speed at nominal rpm:243RPM

Reduction ratio: 3,083

Thruster steering speed: 2rpm

Propeller diameter: 2800mm

Number of propeller blades: 4


ManufacturerRolls Royce
ModelULS TT2800
Serial NumberT115A
Stock NumberT001
MakeRolls Royce
Input power2200kW
Input speed0-750RPM
Reduction ratio3,083
Year of manufacturing2015