Emsco Electro Hoist II 2000 HP Land drilling rig


Emsco Electro Hoist II 2000 HP Land drilling rig

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2000 HP Land drilling rig for sale. EMSCO Electro hoist II single drum draw works with ELMAGCO 7838 electric brake and (2) GE 752’s DRECO cantilever mast 142’ x 1,330,000 lbs GNC, 25’ spread DRECO on box substructure, 30’ floor height (2) EMSCO FA-1600 triplex mud pumps each with GE 752’s EMSCO LB-500 swivel ROSS HILL 4×4 SCR house TDS11 SA top drive 500 tons. NOV IR 3080 iron roughneck EMSCO 500 ton block with BJ 5500 Dyna plex hook EMSCO 27 1/2” rotary table with independent electric drive (GE 752) KOOMEY 220 gal air and electric accumulator unit (4) CAT D399TA’s each with 1050 kW GE generators (3) Pit mud system Desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, shale shaker, and shaker box Air compressor, fuel tank, water tanks, driller dog house, derrick stand, change house, drill line spool, electric wireline unit, and catwalk built the Year 1980 Drilled last about 6 years back Approximate truckload 60


ModelElectro Hoist II
Stock NumberOR005
Rig or vessel nameEmsco Electo Hoist II
Capacity2000 HP