Marathon Le Tourneau USA Jackup rig

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Marathon Le Tourneau USA Jackup rig

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General Information

Flag: Liberian

Builder: Marathon LeTourneau Shipyard Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA.

Upgrade: 2018

Design: Marathon LeTourneau Class 84 Slot Jack-Up.

ABS Class Notations: A1, MODU Valid Until Jan/2024

Class Number: 7609673

IMO number: 8753639

Current Location: Sabine Pass, Texas. USA 

Main Dimensions

Length: 247ft-7" Breadth: 227ft-5" Depth: 26ft

Legs: 3 x 410ft Square Truss

Leg Spacing: Longitudinal leg centers 129ft; transverse leg centers 142ft.

Cantilever: Slot dimensions: 41ft x 50ft. Spud Cans: 46ft diameter x 24ft high. Deck Area: Skid-off capable

Helideck: S-61; 70’ diamete 

Operating Parameters

Water Depth: 300ft (17ft – 300ft.)

Maximum Drilling Depth: 30,000ft with 5" DP. Available length below hull including 5ft margin Air Gap: 80 ft

Transit Speed: 5 knots

Survival Conditions: Wind: 100 knots; waves period 13 sec; wave height 44 ft.

Transit Draft: 15ft-6"

Transit Displacement: 24,372 kips

Jacking and Skidding System: Marathon LeTourneau AC electric rack and pinion system, 90'/hr. 

Well Control system

Control System: 1 x 375-gal x 3,000 psi air/electric powered BOP control system with 3 x control panels.

Drilling Equipment

Derrick: Dreco x 170ft x 30ft x 30ft x 1,500,000lbs.

Drawworks: National Oilwell 1320-UE x 2000HP x 7838 Baylor Brake electric.

Rotary: National Oilwell C-375 x 37-1/2” opening, driven by 1 x EMD D79 motor.

Main Power: 3 x EMD 16-645-E8 engines x 6,600HP, driving 3 x AB20N6 x 1,575 KW 600 V generators. 

Power Distribution: 5 Bay Drive Emerson 6,000 KW total.

Emergency Power: 1 x Cat 3412-TA x 719HP diesel engine.

Top Drive: Varco BJ TDS-4H w/ PH-85 Pipe Handler.

Travelling: Continental EMSCO 760H 650 x 650Tons.

Cementing: FIP 2 x triplex pump 15000 Psi, 12 BPM.

Mud Pumps: National 12-P-160 triplex (2)

Mud Equipment: Mud Cleaning: MI-Swaco Mongoose Pro, 4-panel Flow-Line cleaner;

Desilter: MI-Swaco HI-G 750 GPM, cones 20 x 4". 


Variable Deck Load: 7,682 kips

Cantilever Load: 1,310,000 lbs

Total Drilling Load: 7,682 kips Tubulars in Pipe Rack: 4,600 sq. ft. Liquid Mud: 1,605 bls

Bulk Mud/Cement: 6,240 cu.ft.

Sacks: 2,500 sacks

Drill water: 10,539 bls Potable Water: 1,294 bls

Fuel Oil: 4,727 bls

Base Oil: 363 bls 


Accommodation: 88 bdrm

Sewage Treatment: Model RF 4000-M; Red Fox.

Watermaker: Model NH75463+APC, FCI.

Cranes: 3 x MLT PCM-120AS electric, AC-DC motors 


ManufacturerMarathon Le Tourneau USA
ModelJackup rig